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4 MUST-HAVE Products For Home Working

I’m pretty sure you could name at least one thing that’s wrong with your current desk set up or tell me one area where you’re in pain. I mean you’re probably working from a kitchen table or even from your bed. As good as that may have been to start with, I bet your neck quickly got tight and your lower back wasn’t your best friend? These must-have products for home working will be game-changing!

The injury scales

Life is pretty much a balancing act, whether we’re talking about mental health, physical health or even posture.

There’s a lot of stress factors in your day-to-day life that will affect how your body works and functions. Is it how you’re sat at work 👨🏻‍💻, how you pick things up and exercise 🏋🏼‍♀️ or even how you slump on the sofa at the end of the day, to binge Netflix? 📺

These things add to one side of the scales putting you at a much higher chance of developing pain or even getting injured ⚖️.

The question is, what are you putting on the other side of the scales to prevent this from happening?

A Laptop Stand

Looking down at a computer will be one of the main reasons your neck is hurting. Your head is like a bowling ball; it weighs about the same as well. No, that’s not an insult 😉.


If you hold your head in a position, what I like to call “pigeon-necking, is going to lead to a lot of tension in the muscles around the neck. Having a laptop stand will keep your head upright and help those tenaion headaches, neck pain and tightness.


Lumbar Support

After neck pain, I would say the lower back has to be the most common issue when working from home. This comes from rounding of the back and weakness in the glutes (bum muscle). Sitting on your bum all day isn’t the best for them. We can’t help the glute weakness with equipment. We need exercises to do that.


However, a lumbar support will stop the rounding of the lower back, preventing the build-up of tightness due to your muscles overworking.


Exercise Ball

Sitting on an exercise ball correctly, will engage your abdominals and help build strength in your core.

Bad Vs Good Exercises Posture

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this all day, but it will be handy to do a few 20-minute stints throughout the day while keeping good posture.


Posture Brace

Before any physios out there shout at me – the posture brace will not fix your posture in the long term! You still need to do exercises and build strength in your back and postural muscles (TOP EXERCISE YOU NEED WORKING FROM HOME).

What posture braces are suitable for, are giving your brain some subconscious feedback so that you will naturally sit more upright because of the pulling that the brace causes when you start to slump.



Depending on your needs, these products in addition to exercises will help reduce pain caused by bad posture when home working. The best thing to do is to add some elements of exercises into your routine so make sure you check out the below –

Bad Vs Good Exercises Posture

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