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Returning to the gym after lockdown/quarantine won’t be as hard as you think, but it is vital that you keep a few things in mind. The LAST thing you would want after 4 months off is an injury, causing you to take more time off. That won’t happen because you have been doing all your stretching and mobility work right?… so that won’t happen…will it🤔? Not if I have anything to do with it. These first two weeks will work for anyone from a seasoned gym-goer ready to return to the gym to someone who is just starting.

Whether you are –

  • Unsure of what are the best exercises to do when you return to the gym.
  • Feeling anxious and have anxiety about returning to the gym.
  • Worried about what type of training you should be doing.

This program allows you to build confidence and gives you a clear starting point to prevent you from injuring yourself and stops you from over-thinking what type of training you should be doing when returning to the gym.

Being a Physiotherapist, I often have to come up with different exercises and ideas for my patients to perform their rehab. This normally involves some resistance/weight training. Since we all pretty much have to start again to build our foundations to weight training, I thought I would share some of my workouts and the principles I use to help get back to a good baseline for weight training or even get you started on your weight training journey safely.

(This is a digital downloadable product and doesn’t have any hard copies)

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